Get for ready for our 2021 lineup!

Past Bands Included…

The Munich Boomsteiners!
The Munich Boomsteiners are one of California’s Premier Bavarian Folk, Schlager & Oktoberfest Music Bands! They play traditional Bavarian folk music, Pop, and the world famous Oktoberfest party songs that we all know and love. Be ready to sing along at Vegan Oktoberfest!
Knyght Ryder! Knyght Ryder is the premier 80s and 90s tribute band and we are thrilled to have them back at Vegan Oktoberfest! They will have you out of your seats and on your feet so get ready to move to some of your favorite songs!
DJ/MC Shawn Alexander!
The women love him. The men want to be him. He’ll be back at Vegan Oktoberfest to pump up the crowd and fill up the dance floor!

Past Contests Included…

IMG_9512Stein Holding Contests!
Vegan Oktoberfest’s stein holding contests are quickly becoming the stuff of legend. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to hold up a glass beer stein filled with water for as long as possible while keeping your arm perfectly straight. The last contestant standing wins!

dropbox82Costume Contests!
Think you’ve got what it takes to win the prize for best costume? Put your creativity to the test and see if you can rise to the top in the individual or best couple category.